• Degrees of Deception, the debut novel and series from author Kimberly Thacker Webb, features Jacqueline (Jackie) Jones a wealthy, but naïve college student from Texas who falls prey to hosting secret cocaine parties at her family-owned Washington D.C. row house. By day, Jackie is a struggling college student, but by night, she’s trapped in an underground world of crime servicing Washington, D.C.’s most influential social elite. Format: Paperback, Digital Publisher: iUniverse (January 2, 2014) Language: English ISBN-10: 1491715006 ISBN-13: 978-1491715000
    O-M-G!!! BRAVO AND SUSPENSEFUL!!! It took me only 2 1/2 days to read this book!!! I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! I cannot reveal anything because I want you to gasp out loud as I did while turning the pages. I can see this book turned into a screenplay at the drop of a dime. Mrs. Webb leads you into this book and does not let you go until you are at the end begging for more! OMG, I want to talk about it but I can't!!! The imagery and excellent character development is what keeps you hanging on to this great suspenseful novel! KUDOS to Mrs. Webb and I look forward to more of her great work! I cannot wait to get a group together so we can discuss this! I am crossing my fingers that we can also get the author to grace her presence!
    By Snoopysmom
    Every Twist and Turn is Intriguing! EXCELLENT! There's nothing more satisfying than a compilation of stories that are so well written, you ache for more! This is the sentiment 'Degrees of Deception' delivered for me-a reader who is extremely tough to please. Excellent is an understatement, as the central theme and sub-topics are all amazing stories! The character development and how Thacker Webb humanizes them garners a depth of emotion that attaches you to each. So much is addressed in DOD, but it's not overwhelming to the point of being to much. It's EXCELLENT, very intriguing...a page turner and must read! As with any debut of this caliber, I am ready and waiting for Thacker Webb's sophomore book. I already anticipate another masterpiece!
    By K. Spencer
    Must Read. Took this book on vacation with me and it took me on a trip. It's been a while since my own college days and this eye-opening suspense kept my heart pounding and opened my mind to things I could have never imagined. Degrees of Deception is a must read for any college bound student and any parent of a child leaving home for the first time. Mrs. Webb takes you on a thrill ride of surprises and unexpected challenges at every turn. Her characters are very well developed and their stories pull you into their journey and take you to places within the human condition that will leave you with the sense of having gone on their journey right alongside each of them. Can't wait to see where Jackie Jones journey takes her next. Do I hear sequel?
    By CWShannon
    Sounds like a movie! That was the response I got when I gave an overview of the book to my teenage daughter! This was a great read. Transported me back to life in Washington, DC. The high society, highly educated, politics, corruption, crime, intrigue, beauty - all of it! Loved the character development of EVERY character in the book. Even the most "hated" characters had a back story that you could somehow empathize with. Great storyteller. This book will be a "must read" before my daughters go off to college in the next few years. I foresee conversations about invaluable life lessons here. Can't wait for the sequel and movie...
    By Angela
  • The Making of a Joyful Mother is designed to encourage, elevate and empower women who are struggling with infertility. This book will inspire women to walk through the journey of infertility with renewed faith, unbeatable confidence and assured expectancy.Kimberly Webb is intimately familiar with infertility, suffering through many surgeries to correct fibroid tumors, irregular periods, endometriosis, miscarriages as well as a tubal pregnancy. She has first-hand experience with the physical pain and emotional strain these circumstances cause. However, she has endured the struggles of infertility and has learned God's process of transforming infertile women into joyful mothers. This is what He did with her in the years prior to the birth of her daughter. Travel with Kimberly through this journey as she arrives into her desired destiny. Format: Paperback Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (April 28, 2006) Language: English ISBN-10: 0595394493 ISBN-13: 978-0595394494