Kimberly Thacker Webb, BA, JD
Kimberly Thacker Webb, BA, JDAuthor, Motivational Speaker & Life Coach
” I believe the most passionate and powerful messages come from the most open and transparent people. “

Kimberly Thacker Webb

Kimberly Thacker Webb, a native of Dallas, Texas is a graduate of Howard University and Texas Wesleyan School of Law. In addition to developing a successful corporate career, Kimberly has also become an accomplished author and a powerful speaker who leaves an indelible mark on all those who come in contact with her.

She is a certified life coach who helps individuals with their personal and career goals. Kimberly has been a contributing writer for, the world’s largest provider of online faith-based broadcast services, and has also been a contributing writer for the Dallas Morning News.

Kimberly is the author of Degrees of Deception, her first debut novel. Kimberly spins a treasure-filled tale where a young student goes to college, mismanages her money, and falls prey to hosting secret cocaine parties to recoup funds to in order to buy her books. As a result of this novel, Kimberly has served as a mentor to young girls in college. In addition to mentoring college girls, Kimberly provides a workshop, entitled “Three Common Mistakes First Year College Students Make.” This power packed workshop is taught against the backdrop of Degrees of Deception and utilizes the main character, Jackie Jones, and her various decisions made throughout the novel.

In addition to Degrees of Deception, Kimberly is also the author of a nonfiction work, entitled, The Making of a Joyful Mother: A Spiritual Guide for Women Experiencing Infertility. She has spoken in several conferences on this topic as well as facilitated and sponsored many infertility support groups.

Kimberly has a program for girls ages 13-17 entitled, “Precious, Priceless, Powerful.” This program helps to foster increased self-esteem, self-awareness and self-identity in today’s youth. The intense sessions are both enlightening and fun, and cause teens to think about their decisions and the impact those decisions can have on the rest of their lives.

Additionally, Kimberly and her husband have counseled and mentored hundreds of pre-marital couples through 8 and/or 12-week (2) hour counseling sessions for the past 15 years.

Kimberly is a dedicated, energetic and highly accomplished Human Resources Executive with expertise in critical areas including: employment law and performance management. She has a solid reputation for developing and implementing policies and processes for FMLA and ADA and is considered a subject matter expert for these federal statutes. In addition, she possesses exceptional training and facilitation management expertise combined with superior leadership and communication skills. She is known for her recognized ability to identify, cultivate and grow employee potential into top talent.

  • Founder of Precious, Priceless, Powerful
  • Author Degrees of Deception
  • Author of The Making of a Joyful Mother