With the expanded duties of human resource departments, unrealistic deadlines and the many hats that HR professionals are wearing, key issues are often put at the bottom of the “to do” list. Issues like policy review and policy development are vital to any organization. Thus, written policies provide guidelines for management as well as guardrails for the employee population; therefore, they need to be reviewed annually.

Challenges sometimes occur when employees are given too many chances because their progressive discipline and/or performance management programs are not robust enough. Holding employees accountable can be difficult, but employees can make or break a company. Clearly defined expectations and written procedures reduce the ongoing need for disciplinary action.

Employee Engagement is crucial for every operation of a company because employees are your most valued commodity. That being said, employee engagement has a direct link to productivity, efficiency and increased profits.

Developing leadership within the company is essential because leaders set the tone for their departments and are ambassadors who are meant to reflect the company’s culture. However, there are occasions when leaders are not fully developed, resulting in policy violations or even worse, lawsuits. Far too often, a front-line supervisor or manager has said or done something that was not only against company policy, but also violated a federal statute.

We invite you to let a trusted and knowledgeable HR professional take these items off your list. Kimberly T. Webb Consulting (KTWC) can help with your HR needs. Don’t let another day, week, month, or year go by without accomplishing all of your departmental/company goals.

Services Include:

  • Identification and evaluation of HR program needs, gaps and opportunities.
  • Creation and/or revision of Human Resources policies beginning with Attendance Management all the way to Workplace Violence.
  • Creation and/or revision of Progressive Discipline/Performance Management program.
  • Comprehensive Compliance Analysis of the FMLA program’s effectiveness, quality and compliance.
  • Creation and/or revision of the FMLA program to provide a consistent and systematic approach.
  • Compliance Reviews are recommended after the program has been in place for (6) months and (12) months.
  • FMLA Refresher training is recommended annually.
  • Creation of a formal (6 or 12) month Employee Engagement Strategy.